Current Issues in Sustainable Development



クラス名 112 期間 2017/9/30- 2017/12/16
曜日 時間 10:00- 12:00
回数 10 定員 16
料金 (税込) 54,000円 受講前レベルチェック インタビュー
カテゴリ1 Global Education and Sustainable Development Program 単位 -




Basic Description/Course Objective/ Prerequisite(s):

This course is for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of sustainable development and current issues. Each week in this workshop we investigate a different key issue facing global society. This course uses interactive methods to help participants learn more about problems, peoples needs and possible solutions. Topics vary by semester and may include poverty, food security and hunger, climate change, education, HIV/AIDS, refugees, energy, ODA and aid, gender equity, human rights, conflict and disasters. This is for anyone wanting to work in INGOs, preparing to study overseas or wanting to learn more about what is going on in the world.

Language: All course materials are in English and classes will be conducted in English. Most class presentation and discussion will take place in English but some may take place in Japanese. All evaluated materials should be submitted and presented in English.

Language Requirement: High intermediate and above (spoken and written English).

Assignments and course materials: We will use a wide array of online readings. Links are on the class site which is open to class participants only.

Class project: Each student is expected to take part and prepare a collaborative presentation or final paper, related to the class theme. Each presentation will focus on one specific problem in one particular place, review the causes and effects as well as 3-5 approaches to the problem. Presentations will be done in the last class.




We will use a wide array of online readings. Links are on the class site which is open to class participants only.


日程/時間 曜日 内容・詳細 講師
1 2017/9/30
10:00- 12:00
Introductions, Overview of the course
Intro to current issues, discussion on issues that matter. assessing interests and goals
Rossitto, Sarajean
2 2017/10/7
10:00- 12:00
Poverty and resource imbalance
Connecting issues. Data and information sources.
Rossitto, Sarajean
3 2017/10/14
10:00- 12:00
Sustainable agriculture and food security
Production, access, solutions to food access
Rossitto, Sarajean
4 2017/10/21
10:00- 12:00
Disasters and disaster management
Human made and natural disasters, resilience
Rossitto, Sarajean
5 2017/11/4
10:00- 12:00
Education and access
Inclusivity, access and marginalized persons.
Rossitto, Sarajean
6 2017/11/11
10:00- 12:00
Conflict, war and refugees
Impacts of instability and conflict. Current issues and changing policies.
Rossitto, Sarajean
7 2017/11/18
10:00- 12:00
Health issues overview
Key issues impacting developing and affluent societies.
Rossitto, Sarajean
8 2017/12/2
10:00- 12:00
Water and sanitation
Hygiene, safety and infrastructure
Rossitto, Sarajean
9 2017/12/9
10:00- 12:00
Women’s rights and gender equality
The evolution of the equal rights and women in decision making
Rossitto, Sarajean
10 2017/12/16
10:00- 12:00
Class presentations
Individual Presentations by class participants
Rossitto, Sarajean


Rossitto, Sarajean