NGO Stories from the Field 【postponed】



クラス名 114 期間 2017/9/30- 2017/12/16
曜日 時間 13:00- 15:00
回数 10 定員 30
料金 (税込) 70,200円 受講前レベルチェック 不要
カテゴリ1 Global Education and Sustainable Development Program 単位 -




※ 津田塾大学在学生は受講料半額の【35,100円】となります。(2017/9/20)


This course is for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of community development, current issues and wants the opportunity to learn from fieldwork specialists. This is for anyone interested in INGOs, or wanting to learn more about what is going on in the world.

Learn about current community development issues from experts in the field. This course includes several classes by experienced instructors and guest speakers with practical experience in the field.

Participants will receive a pass if they fulfill the criteria for passing: 70% in attendance and satisfactory coursework.

Course work:
Active class participation includes discussion and preparation for class as well as completing the final class project. Participants are expected to complete readings and/or other course work even if absent.



Online articles. Registered participants will be able to access the materials online.


日程/時間 曜日 内容・詳細 講師
1 2017/9/30
13:00- 15:00
Introduction to the course, Nonprofits and NGOs, schedule
Development of the Japanese and US nonprofit sectors.

Sarajean Rossitto - Lead Facilitator
Rossitto, Sarajean
2 2017/10/7
13:00- 15:00
Development of the Japanese and US nonprofit sectors
Rossitto, Sarajean
3 2017/10/14
13:00- 15:00
Meeting education needs of vulnerable groups
Speaker: Sanae Nakajima, President, Free the Children Japan
Rossitto, Sarajean
4 2017/10/21
13:00- 15:00
The Role of Nonprofit NGOs in Emergencies
Speaker: Yoko Asakawa, Director, Management Planning section, JEN
Rossitto, Sarajean
5 2017/11/4
13:00- 15:00
Discussion session
presentations and upcoming topics.*
Rossitto, Sarajean
6 2017/11/11
13:00- 15:00
Nonprofit Business Sector collaboration
Speaker: Chika Maruta, Brand Communications Manager
Lush Japan, Charity Team
Rossitto, Sarajean
7 2017/11/18
13:00- 15:00
Hot topics from the Field
Speaker from overseas to be confirmed.
Rossitto, Sarajean
8 2017/12/2
13:00- 15:00
International collaboration - working together across borders.
Speaker: Tamara Stark, Programme Director, Green Peace Japan
Rossitto, Sarajean
9 2017/12/9
13:00- 15:00
Discussion on guest presentations. Group activity.
Rossitto, Sarajean
10 2017/12/16
13:00- 15:00
* Class presentations
Final class presentations by participants
Rossitto, Sarajean


Rossitto, Sarajean