Professional Writing Skills: Project-Based Writing Skills



クラス名 GE-18W3 期間 2019/1/24- 2019/3/14
曜日 時間 18:50- 20:50
回数 7 定員 10
受講料(学生) 37,800円(37,800円) 受講前レベルチェック インタビュー
カテゴリ1 Global Education and Sustainable Development Program 単位 -





【英語レベル】 High-Intermediate and above
【内容】This is an advanced writing skills course focusing on report writing skills. In this seven-week specialized course,we will practice skills connected to writing well-organized and effective reports, including focusing on gathering and synthesiz-ing various sources of information, writing about specific types of data, critiquing and analyzing source material, as well as logical writing structure. Beyond some assigned readings, for this term students will be given an opportunity to choose the topics they wish to write about as part of a course-long writing project. Participants can include those working in non-governmental organizations, international or multinational organizations, and those wishing to attend graduate school. Other persons interested in improving their writing skills are more than welcome to attend.


日程/時間 曜日 内容・詳細 講師
1 2019/1/24
18:50- 20:50
Thesis Statement, Literature Reviews
This session will introduce the basics of report writing. To this end, the class will discuss how to develop appropriate thesis statements that will guide planning and writing of your course project. The class will also provide guidance on the appropriate selection of source material that can be used as a resource for your writing, or as a means to place your writing within a field.
Homework: Draft Statement of Purpose; Find three sources.
Meyer, Thomas
2 2019/1/31
18:50- 20:50
Summarizing Information, Paraphrasing
Having found source material to utilize in your project, this session will review writing effective summaries, including use of language through a grammatical review of paraphrasing and parallel structure.
Homework: Summarize one previously selected source.
Meyer, Thomas
3 2019/2/14
18:50- 20:50
Evaluating and Critiquing Selected Sources
The session will look at how to evaluate source material with the aim of critiquing it as well as using the source material as a means to provide better context to place our research and our arguments.
Homework: Summarize and critique one different previously selected source.
Meyer, Thomas
4 2019/2/21
18:50- 20:50
Structuring Reports
The session will provide a general, overall look at the structure of reports, including additional sections before and after the main written section. The session will also particularly look at supporting paragraphs.
Homework: Outline + 2 Supporting Paragraphs
Meyer, Thomas
5 2019/2/28
18:50- 20:50
Writing Introductions and Abstracts
This session will cover how to structure the opening to your report and will provide additional practice and advice on structuring your writing. The class will also discuss how to write abstracts for your written work, sometimes referred to as executive summaries.
Homework: Project Draft 1
Meyer, Thomas
6 2019/3/7
18:50- 20:50
Citations and Bibliographies
This session will provide an overview on how to construct bibliographies and the use of in-text citations. This class will also address the issue of when to cite referenced material within your writing.
Homework: Project Draft 2
Meyer, Thomas
7 2019/3/14
18:50- 20:50
Draft Conferences and Peer Review
In this class you will be asked to bring the second draft of your writing to class and share it with another member of the class who will provide you with feedback on your writing. You will also meet with the instructor for one-on-one feedback on how to prepare your final draft.
Homework: Final Project Submission
Meyer, Thomas


Meyer, Thomas