「Global Education and Sustainable Development Program」 説明会のご案内


「Global Education and Sustainable Development Program」 2017冬期 説明会のご案内




① 2018年1月11日(木曜日)19:00~20:45
② 2018年1月16日(火曜日)19:00~20:45


津田塾大学 千駄ヶ谷キャンパス

参加費: 無料【*事前予約必要(各30名程度)】
予約方法: 以下の申込フォームよりお申込みください。
予約締切: 各開催日の3営業日前


「Global Education and Sustainable Development Program」 2017冬期講座

講座名 英語レベル / 対象 / 内容 日程/時間 受講料 定員 講師

English for Sustainable Development Goals:Vocabulary and Conversational Skills Development

【英語レベル】Pre Intermediate~Intermediate
【内容】This course is for anyone with limited or no knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals, but would like to increase their understanding of the SDGs while learning and practicing the key. English vocabulary and concepts regarding the related issues. Class participants should expect to gain an increased English vocabulary related to the current issues concerning the Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations and global society, as well as gain a further understanding of those issues. The course will be conducted in a workshop format; the instructor will introduce new material every week and focus on group and whole class discussions, pair work exercises and simulation activities.



37,800 16 Tai, Richard
Gender in Sustainable Development 【英語レベル】High intermediate and above
【内容】The class focuses on the gender aspects of a wide range of issues, starting by looking at the status of women in Japan and then changing focus to looking at the connection of gender to key social issues such as education, health, pay equity, government policy and home violence. Weekly online reading assignments introduce background information, reports and important data to help participants understand the connections between gender and important issues such as decisionmaking processes and justice, education and information access, gender based crime and justice.
① 1月20日
② 1月27日
③ 2月3日
④ 3月10日
⑤ 3月17日
37,800 16 Rossitto, Sarajean
Professional Writing Skills 【英語レベル】High Intermediate
【内容】This is an advanced writing skills course focusing on report writing skills. In this seven-week specialized course, we will practice skills connected to writing well-organized and effective reports, including focusing on gathering and synthesizing various sources of information, writing about specific types of data, critiquing and analyzing source material, as well as logical writing structure. Beyond some assigned readings, for this term students will be given an opportunity to choose the topics they wish to write about as part of course-long writing project. Participants can include those working in non-governmental organizations, international or multinational organizations, and those wishing to attend graduate school. Other persons interested in improving their writing skills are more than welcome to attend.



37,800 10 Meyer, Thomas